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Extreme Feats of Musical Bad-Assery #3 Barney the Purple Dinosaur

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Dylan and the Dead


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Commander in Cool


the "Deadheads for Obama" logo

He promised to get us out of Afghanistan. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay. He promised to reform American healthcare. Being honest, while these promises have yet to be fulfilled, president Barrack Obama has made significant headway in many avenues, and has never promised to make everything better at once, but set us off working towards restoration.

BUT there is one thing that, if all else fails, the president has accomplished which will put his administration in a positive light, and this concerns his awesome taste in music: PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA REUNITED THE GRATEFUL DEAD. That’s right, for one of his campaign fundraisers, Deadheads for Obama, the surviving members of the group performed and also played for a “Change Rocks” rally in PA. Finally, they played at one of the 10 inaugural balls. The former band mates were feuding, but were brought together for the cause, to simplify things, under the name “The Dead” as the Grateful Dead died with the death of guitarist and icon Jerry Garcia. While the band has held liberal stances towards issues, they had never endorsed any candidate until this election.

This instance just exemplifies how cool of a cat our commander in chief is. His one song request for the ball was the Dead’s “China Cat Sunflower”, and Rolling Stone magazine reported that one of the highlights of the White Houses’ collection of vinyl records for our president was Bob Dylan’s 1975 Blood on the Tracks. Blender Magazine published the top 10 songs of each of the main candidates on the 2008 election, and some of Obama’s picks included Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin,, the Rolling Stones, and Marvin Gaye. Now this might be viewed as endearing voters to him for non-political reasons, but I believe having a Dead Head in office could indicate some great qualities. Never underestimate the chill factor. And speaking of chill, here is thank you message form the top dog in office, and then some Dead so we can all appreciate what the President has done for his citizens. (NOTE: while the Dead are AWESOME, this is amateur concert footage, and thusly the quality of sound and audio suffers a little)

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