Feature Your Music on Selective Listening!

While it is highly unlikely that we will ever run out of topics to write about, we would like some original stuff. Stuff nobody else has. You and your music. This will help us branch out and start writing about genres we don’t typically listen to.

Application & Guidelines

In order for us to write the best possible content and get your music the best possible exposure resulting in the best partnership possible for your music and our blog, there are of course a few requirements… nothing too serious though.

No musician or group will be turned away due to their genre of music or beliefs. We are looking for all genres and all types of music. It should be noted that the beliefs of all contributors to Selective Listening are not to necessarily be represented by the artists we feature on our site. You will never have to pay money to have your music featured at Selective Listening. That’s just how we roll.

As long as this site is on we cannot make money off ads. So you don’t have to worry about us using content and material from your band to make money. This isn’t about the money, this is about helping local musicians out because we believe if you are putting effort into your music then your music deserves to be heard and you deserve to get credit for it.

You must take your music seriously. We don’t mean that we are looking only for professional musicians, but we will be looking for musicians and groups that have been together for a little while and plan to stay together and keep making music – this way we will have more to write about which will help your music get more exposure. The more active your band or you are with your music the better, because we will want to publish blog posts every time you are about to play a live show or come out with a new song.

We will want to interview you. This will help us get a really good idea of who you or your members are, what your music is all about and really give us the best possible starting point to write a really solid page about your music. As music is all about expression, this will give a new listener some context as to who is expressing what when they listen to your awesome track.

We will want your help. All we ask in return for helping you get some exposure is every time we publish new content on our blog relevant to your music or band that you share it on Facebook. This part and the next part are of course completely optional, however you cannot expect your exposure to go up without us working together. The idea is that we will help you get fresh, unique and relevant content about your music to help you get exposure. We keep it on our site and we get to enjoy the traffic. Everyone wins.

Sure. You could just share your own music page on your Facebook page and leave us out of the loop, and that is fine. You should be doing this anyway! We just want to write some good articles about your music to help you get that extra source of fresh listeners.

For every time someone adds us on Facebook and tells us “this group” or “this artist” sent me here, we will publish some new content for you. This will really help get some good traffic to your artist page wherever you are keeping it. (myspace, purevolume, facebook, it doesn’t matter). Again, optional… but for every three friends you reccomend to us on Facebook you get around 1500 words of content (our blog posts tend to be about 500 words) that can help out your music. This is in addition to the page we are hoping to make and maintain for you.


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