Epic-sounding Collaborations You’ve Probably Never Heard of #4 Ringo and Ozzy

28 Mar



Ringo Starr - ex-Beatle/ advocate of "peace and love"


Ozzy Ozborne and Ringo Starr: that’s right, you didn’t misread anything. 1998 saw the beloved ex-Beatle and the Prince of Darkness share a song on Ringo’s 11th studio album Vertical Man. They both sing on the title track, well, kinda. Being a Ringo album, Mr. Starr takes the lead and he doesn’t give it back. If you didn’t know Ozzy was on the track, it would be a little hard to figure it out for yourself (but then again, most anything his royal Darkness says or does is a little difficult to decipher).

Ozzy Osbourne - Prince of Darkness

Ozzy, for being a world-renowned front man and a very talented singer, resides himself to take the role of a forgettable background singer. He only harmonizes during the chorus, a few lines here and there, and he sings in the coda, mostly just repeating the name or making noises. The mixing was a little unfair, but I assume that is because this is a Ringo track. There is nothing “Ozzy” about it, and it just seems like Ringo had an odd session musician step in. All this said, it is actually pretty good for a modern Ringo song and the only thing overshadowing it is what you expect when you hear about a duet with a Beatle and Ozzy.


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